About Us

Our Mission:

At Nova Integrated Care, we offer each patient a personalized care plan built on trust, honesty and respect. We are committed to the community and building relationships to help preserve wellness.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to enrich community members’ lives and promote longevity.

Who We Are

Nova Integrated Care is the union of three Northwoods Physician Assistants, from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, who all share the dream of providing outstanding care while enriching the lives of their patients. Together, they equip Nova Integrated Care with nearly 70 years of acute and general medical care. They have all embraced the spectacular Northwoods lifestyle, and have made their homes and built families in Oneida and Vilas Counties.

They all share a lifelong love of learning and are continuously striving to advance their skills and embrace new modalities. They take immense pride in the quality support staff they have surrounded themselves with, and they invite you to join them on this journey.

Questions? Drop us a line!

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