Jill Brunstad, PA-C

“Nova Integrated Care is a thrilling new opportunity for me to continue to serve the community that I have grown to know and have such a wonderful relationship with. As your care provider, I am looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to work with you and help you achieve your personal health goals. I understand that my patients have a wide variety of cultures and life experiences, and I am here to both recognize your continued effort in your own life and to offer my assistance in your wellness journey. Whether it be a traditional or integrated approach, I am here to give you the tools you need to be successful. I strive to treat you how I want to be treated and look forward to serving my community in this new way."

Jill was born in Bloomer WI and raised on a 500-acre dairy farm. This instilled from a young age that things get done by you doing the work. This work ethic has helped her obtain a Microbiology degree with a chemistry and computer science minor from UW-LaCrosse.

Working at Mayo Clinic in cancer research afforded her the ability to realize that direct patient care was what she truly wanted. From a young age, being a PA (or Physician Assistant), is what she wanted. When her family was dealing with various medical diagnoses – such as multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, strokes, and type 1 Diabetes – it was the PAs that helped explain things to family members, and these mentors and role models are the reason she became a PA.

After completing her degree at DeSales University, she served for the National Health Service Corps in underserved populations in Virgina, where she was able to work in oncology, gynecology, family practice, and pain management. She later returned to Wisconsin to raise her family in Eagle River, where this community has become her home.

She has switched to membership medicine to be able to give the direct, personal attention that each patient needs. With direct availability of speaking to the provider. By being able to give each patient the personalized care they need for each individual problem they have. More personalized care for each patient to be able to develop the relationship with each person and family to care for the whole person, family, and in turn many generations.

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